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The BHS library welcomes patrons to browse, use and enjoy its resources in all their different  formats.

The library exists to serve the BHS community with a variety of quality titles to read for pleasure; to provide many informational resources‚ÄĒprint, non print, and online‚ÄĒin a warm and friendly facility; and to offer instruction and direction in helping find answers to research questions.


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In February, the nation celebrate Black History Month.  The following book gives evidence of what one man experienced during tense time of King and his Marches. Using Graphic Novel format, the author tells his own story.

"This is superb visual storytelling that establishes a convincing, definitive record of a key eyewitness to significant social change, and that leaves readers demanding the second volume".-Benjamin Russell, Belmont High School, NH

Click for more information on this title        presents in graphic novel format the life of Georgia congressman John Lewis, focuses                                    on his youth in rural Alabama, his meeting with Martin¬†Luther¬†King¬†Jr.,
                                and the birth of the Nashville Student Movement.  Check it out from the BHS library!

Quality Search Sources:

        Sweet Search-Every Web site in SweetSearch has been evaluated by our research experts.

        Finding Dulcinea --Librarian of the Internet

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