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CREATIVE ART  (ART 1)-- 1162                                                Duration:    All year        Credit: 1 credit
Elective:       Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12
Prerequisite:     None    Lab Fee: $5 per sem.
Content:  This course will familiarize students with the elements and principles of design. The course will explore a variety of art media including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, design, and composition. The goal of this class is to help students gain an understanding, appreciation, & enjoyment of art.

VISUAL ART (ART 2) -- 1189                                                                              
Duration:       All year                        Credit:  1 credit
Elective:       Grades 10— 12     Lab Fee: $5 per sem.
Prerequisite:           Creative Art or teacher approval.
Content:  This class is designed for the student that wants to learn drawing and shading as well as a basic understanding of commercial design. This class is an intensive course in the fundamentals of drawing using pencil, charcoal, and other media. Additional topics include color theory applications, texture, space using various media and techniques including calligraphy, graphic design, composition in pictorial expressive principals, and two- and three-dimensional design.

Duration:       All Year                Credit: 1.0
Elective:               Grades 11-12    Lab Fee: $5 per sem.
Prerequisite:   Passed Art 1 and Art 2 with a “B”, or written Teacher Approval.
Content:   Intended for students who are gifted in art; offers the opportunity to create a professional body of work that reflects personal style and talent. Students are often encouraged to display their work publicly.

Duration:       All Year                Credit 1.0
Elective:               Grade 12        Lab Fee: $5 per sem.
Prerequisite: Passed Art 3 with a B, OR teacher approval
Content: This will not be a straight Independent Projects class.  Requirements for this class will include completion of specific projects in graphic design, drawing, painting, and possibly other media assigned by the instructor.  An emphasis will be placed on drawing from life and student-generated photographs, as per the expectations of college art programs and art institutes.  You will have the opportunity to complete independent projects, however, the above-mentioned assignments will be required — not optional.