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Health/Home Economics


COMMUNITY HEALTH  -- 1403                     
Duration:       one semester     Credit:        0.5 credit
Elective:       Grades 9 -12
Content: This course is required for high school graduation. The purpose of this course is to maintain, reinforce, and enhance health related skills, health attitudes, and practices.  Specific course contents are determined on an as-needed basis by the instructor and administration.


BASIC FOODS (FOODS 1) -- 0512       
Duration:  1 semester    Credit: .05
Elective:  Grades 9—12    
Prerequisite:  None          Lab Fee: $5 per sem.
Content:  This course is designed to provide students with beginning food preparation skills. Students will plan and prepare simple nutritious recipes. Nutrition and food safety will also be emphasized.

Duration:       1 semester      Credit:  0.5
Elective:       Grades  9 – 12  Lab Fee: $5 per sem.
Prerequisite:  Foods 1 (or teacher approval) is required.
Content: Course emphasizes more complex recipes and techniques. Meal planning, shopping for food and budgeting will also be covered.

Culinary arts (Foods 3) -- 0508
Duration:       1 semester      Credit:  0.5
Elective:               Grades 11—12    Lab Fee: $5 per sem.
Prerequisite:   Foods 1 OR Foods 2 (or teacher approval)
Content:         Course is designed for students interested in the food service industry. Includes: instruction in nutrition, principles of healthy eating, and the preparation and presentation of food. Among the topics covered are large-scale meal preparation, preserving nutrients throughout the preparation process, use and care of commercial cooking equipment, food storage, advances in food technology, sanitation, management, and careers available in the food service industry.

Duration:       1 semester      credit: 0.5
Elective:       Grades  10 – 12 Lab Fee: $5 per sem.
Prerequisite:   Foods 2 or Culinary Arts
Content: Course will provide basic knowledge needed to produce quality baked products. Students will have the understanding of ingredients, proper measuring techniques and proper production methods  and standard cost analysis of the product. Students will learn proper safety and sanitation requirements along with equipment needed to complete tasks. Careers in this area will also be explored.

CLOTHING (SEWING 1) -- 0506                    
Duration:       1 semester      Credit:  0.5
Elective:       Grades 9-12
Prerequisite:   None            Lab Fee: $5 per sem.
Materials:      Purchase of materials for clothing projects.
Content:  Course is designed to provide students with basic sewing, mending, and handwork skills. Students will learn how to properly operate a sewing machine and serger. At least 2 (two) projects must be completed each semester.

ADVANCED SEWING (SEWING 2) -- 0502                     
Elective:       Grades 9-12
Duration:       1 semester     Credit:  0.5
Prerequisite:   Sewing 1
Lab Fee: $5 per sem.
Materials:      Purchase of materials for clothing projects.
Content:  Course will cover fashion design and merchandising. Students will construct advanced clothing projects. They will also design and construct one original clothing or home quilt design.       Quilting and sewing for the home will also be covered.

FASHION DESIGN (Advanced) -- 0511
Duration:       1 semester              Credit:  0.5 credit
Elective:               Grades 10-12    Lab Fee: $5 per sem.
Prerequisite:   1 semester sewing or instructor approval
Content: Course is designed to advance individual students in their chosen area of fashion. Students will be involved in advanced clothing construction, fashion illustration & writing, fashion history & trend analysis; specialty design and line development; accessory design, basic pattern making; Social Science of color; textiles & textile design, as well as home textiles; fashion portfolio.

Duration:       1 semester              Credit:  0.5 credit
Elective:               Grades 9-12     Lab Fee: $5 per sem.
Pre-requisite:  none
Content: Course will provide students with basic knowledge regarding design and decoration of places of work and living, i.e. homes, apartments, offices, restaurants and hotels. Elements of color, traffic patterns, architectural design, lighting, and cultural aspects will be explored. Career exploration will also be a part of this course.

FASHION MERCHANDISING -- 0599                     
Duration:       1 Semester         Credit:  0.5 credit
Elective:       Grades 10-12       Lab Fee: $5 per sem.
Prerequisite:   Instructor’s Approval
Content:  This is an introductory course into the world of fashion design and merchandising.  It includes the principles of design, advertising, and retail merchandising.  Visual merchandising is covered.  Students construct a garment from a pattern they designed.  They also are in charge of the annual style show put on by the clothing classes.