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For all students who were 9th graders BEFORE Fall 2009/2010, three (3) credits in mathematics are required for high school graduation. All students thereafter (9th grade Fall 2009 = class of 2013 and later) must pass four (4) years of math. (math sequence up to Algebra 2 for class of 2013 and later)  Several courses of study may be followed by the student. Each of these is determined by the students’ long-range career and educational plans. The students’ math teacher and their counselor can help with these decisions. Please ask your current math teacher to recommend your appropriate math class for the following year.

** The recommended math sequence for a student preparing for a 4-year college is Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, then Pre-Calculus or Calculus.

++The recommended sequence for a student preparing for a 1 or 2-year college is Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, then (Financial Literacy/Financial Algebra) or Conceptual Math.

Duration:       All year         Credit: 1 credit   
Required:       Grade 9 (unless you take a higher math)
Prerequisite:           passed 8th grade math
Content: Course is generally intended to provide an extra year of study for students who have attained general mathematic objectives but are not yet ready to enter Algebra 1. It covers a wide variety of topics, such as properties of rational numbers (number theory), ratio, proportion, estimation, exponents and radicals, the rectangular coordinate system, sets and logic, formulas, and solving first degree equations and inequalities.

ALGEBRA I -- 2031                                                
Duration:       All year            Credit:     1 credit
Required:       Grade 9 or 10
Content: Introductory Algebra I is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to develop the skills and acquire the knowledge related to beginning algebra.  Content of the course is sequential; that is, mastering the initial concepts and vocabulary is essential for success in the units of instruction which follow.

GEOMETRY -- 2034             
Duration:       All year                Credit:  1 credit
Elective:       Grades 9 – 11       
Prerequisite:   Successful completion of a full year of Algebra 1.
Content:  Topics covered will be geared to applications of the theorems of geometry. These topics will include angles, properties of polygons, perimeter, area, volume, similarity, circles, and coordinate geometry.

ALGEBRA II -- 2041                                                     
Duration:       All year                Credit: 1 credit
Required:       Meets the math requirements and can be taken in grades 10, 11
Prerequisite:   Minimum grade of “C” in Algebra 1 (full year).
Content:  Algebra II is designed as a review of Algebra I concepts while introducing and exploring new techniques for handling problems.  Special emphases are placed on systems of equations and inequalities, and finding solutions to higher degree equations.  New topics studied include logarithms, exponential functions, conic sections, and analytic geometry.

Duration:       All year                Credit:  1 credit
Required:       Meets the Math requirement; can be taken in grades 11 or 12         
Prerequisite:   Geometry and grade of “C” in Algebra II.
Content:  A course containing modern Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry and selected topics from Calculus.  The class is designed as a pre-calculus class, preparing students to succeed in calculus.

Duration:       All year                Credit: 1 credit
Elective:       Grade 12    
Prerequisite:   Grade of “C” in Pre-Calculus or instructor approval
Content:  This course deals with a study of limits and their applications, integration and their applications in both a strict mathematical and a physical application.

FINANCIAL LITERACY (Financial Algebra) –2097
Duration:       All year                Credit 1.0
Math credit:    11th & 12th grade only
Prerequisites:  Algebra 1 + Geometry
Content: Course intended for students who have obtained Algebra 1 objectives; applies algebra concepts to a variety of business and financial situations. Applications include insurance, credit, banking, stocks and bonds, trusts and estates, finance, and taxation. This course would fulfill the requirement as the required elective for Financial Literacy passed in the 2007 legislative session.

Duration:       All year                Credit 1.0 credit
Elective:       Seniors only, must have minimum 2.0 GPA for dual credit.
Content: This is a general survey course of mathematics.  During the first semester topics include set theory, algebra, and voting and apportionment.  During the second semester  we will look at consumer math, probability and statistics, problem solving, and geometry topics.