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College Credit Classes - 0899 - HONORS  
Duration:       Semester        Credit: 1.0  credit
Elective:       Grade 12
Prerequisite:   “Dual enrollment” approval by San Juan College (both on-line and paperwork).
Content:  If your dual enrollment status is approved by San Juan College, you may attend selected classes at San Juan College for dual college/and/high school credit. The classes may be selected by the college and if successfully passed you may earn up to 6 college credit hours each semester. Most SJC courses that are not offered at BHS but taken while a BHS student will transfer ashonors credit to BHS. For questions, check with your counselor.  A 3-credit college class gives 1.0 high school credit. (Also see CTE courses at end of booklet.) Some classes may be online, while others are only available at the SJC campus.
For a complete listing of dual enrollment classes available at San Juan College, please visit their website:

College Success Strategies – 0899L (LRNS 111 at San Juan College)
Duration:       Fall or Spring sem.     
Credit:                 1.0  credit at BHS and 3.0 at SJC
Elective:       Grade 11 or 12
Prerequisite:   “Dual enrollment” approval by San Juan College (both on-line and paperwork) and an overall 2.0 GPA.
Content: Course will be an on-line course in a BHS computer lab during the school-day. It fulfills the graduation requirement for Fall 2009 ninth graders (and later) for dual credit. It provides an in-depth opportunity for students to learn and adopt methods that promote success in college and in life. Course may be applied towards an elective for an AA degree or certificate. (Also see the class listed above this one since much is the same.)